Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dorothy Hamill and the Missing Chicklet

Yesterday I had the priviledge of taking the kids ice skating for the first time. As Amanda took off the minute she hit the ice, I realized that she is the reincarnation of Dorothy Hamill. Take a look at the photo to the right - was prepping herself for a triple lutz single salchow. I'm really disappointed in myself for not getting the shot of her nailing that one. It was beautifully executed. :)

Dorothy/Amanda is finally growing her four front teeth back in. That space has been empty forever, and we were wondering if she would ever be blessed with the two big Chicklets that I was blessed with at her age. Well, one of them has come in, giving her a snaggletoothy-look. She says I'm allowed to say that she has a snaggletooth, as long as I don't call her a "Snaggletooth." Fair enough.

Bubba didn't do so well with the skating. No salchows, no lutzs, no skating for that matter. The poor guy had a heck of a time keeping his feet on the ice - I'm still holding out for the NFL.

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