Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time to Get Serious

Driving to work this morning, I was awestruck at the sight of the sun beginning to peek over the horizon. Despite sharing the sunrise with a million other half-asleep drivers, I could hardly contain myself. It was so darn purty! Adding to my excitement was the sight of the lanky Denver skyscrapers reflecting the dusty amber light. I had never seen them lit that way before and I found myself nearly wrecking from trying to get a better glimpse. I wished I had my camera.

But I digress...the purty sky got me thinking about my family again. Being away from my offspring for the better part of two weeks has forced me to think of the positive stuff that is a result of my recent employment. So brace yourselves, I'm going to list them:
  • I saw the sunrise for the first time in years and it was maaaahvelous.
  • The money I make helps ease the burden that Dave feels during these months when he has to miss work due to the weather. Now instead of using his vacation days to make up for lost time, he can save them for a real break. I am happy to pick up the slack.
  • I appreciate my family more than ever, and my time with them has become more purposeful.
  • The kids get to spend more time with their dad - what a stupendous dad he is! They love him and have undoubtedly been enjoying this time alone with him.

Anyone have a tissue?

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