Monday, February 11, 2008

Feelin' the Love

Yesterday morning as I was doing what I do best (laying in bed), those other people who share the house with me were busily making buttermilk pancakes with from-scratch whipped cream and sausage links. After all, I am not allowed to know the recipe or the secret handshake, if you can believe it. After finishing up they hollered at me to come and eat already, so I dragged my sorry hiney to the table where they were already face first in a pile of pancakes. I expressed my thanks for the wonderful food and for the company of my family whom I had hardly seen the previous day when my youngest let me know how things really were.

Bubba: "Mom, I'm glad that you're working."
Me: (Maybe he appreciates all I'm contributing to the family??) "Awwww...why is that?"
Bubba: " 'Cause I like it when you aren't here. Can I have another pancake?"


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