Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You look familiar...

Last night at work while I was operating the x-ray machine again, a young Asian-American woman came through the line. As she waited in line to retrieve her belongings from the x-ray belt, I glanced up, noticed her, and at the time had no idea who she was. It wasn't until she was walking away that the person at the walk-through metal detector let us all know that the pretty girl was none other than Michelle Kwan, figure skater extraordinaire.

Just then another co-worker let us know that, not realizing who she was, he actually talked to her, saying "You sure look familiar - do you come through here often?" She gave a shrug and let him know that she comes through every now and then, and she was off.

This experience has taught me a couple of important things: First of all, apparently I am a celebrity magnet when I'm manning the x-ray. Second of all, I need to pay more attention to the faces that pass by me regularly. I mean, what would I write about if I didn't see cool people at the airport?

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