Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life in small blips

I've been reading through an older journal and came across an entry that sparked my memory. I wrote freely about things that I heard frequently from the kids, things that we enjoyed doing, moments that stuck in my mind. Brandon was 3, Amanda was 5 at the time.

May 16, 2006

Giggles; laughs; knock-knock jokes that don't make sense.
Mommy will you help me swing?
Mama, can I play my Mickey game?
Can we go for a bike ride?
Mommy...can I hold you?
Giggles; laughs; singing silly songs in the bathtub.
Hugs and kisses, Mommy.
Wave-goodbyes, Mommy.
I-love-yous Mommy!
I'm a big boy now.
I'm such a big girl.
Holding hands; good-morning hugs; snuggle-buggle.
Big blue eyes; big wide smiles.
Mama you're silly; Mama you're a goofball.
Can we wrestle? Can I wear lipstick? Can we paint our nails?
Girls' night out; Kids' night out.
Chubby hands on Mommy's cheeks
Slender hands in Mommy's grasp
Mama do an airplane; Mommy catch me.
Giggles; laughs; whose turn is it to pick the music?
Hush Little Rooster...
My feet are almost as big as yours, Mommy.
Look at my muscles - they're big ans stroooong!
I don't have troubles any more Mommy!
I pooped in the toilet while you were gone!
Make-believe; Hide 'N Sink; Chase
I've Been Working on the Railroad...
The Quiet game; playing on the dinosaurs; Build-A-Bear Workshop
The Butterfly Pavilion
I held Rosie Mommy!
There are bees in the tub, Mommy.
Can I have "green gum?"
Where's the sugar spoon?
I can buckle myself, Mama.
I love you as big as Godzilla!
How about a make-over?
Can we eat now?
Dora; Wonderpets; Blue's Clues; Backyardigans; Go Diego Go!
Mommy, is this a maned wolf?
I'm the smartest girl in the world.
Am I the smartest girl in the world?
I would like a jelly sandwich.
Can I have my own soda?
Can I have a snack?
It's a loving day today, Mama.


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