Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mom you need to shave your beard.

Amanda: Mom, you need to shave your beard (as she points to my upper lip).
Mom: That's called a mustache Amanda, not a beard...and I was actually planning on waxing it tonight.
Amanda: You should get one of those pad things that you rub on your face (commences circling motion with her finger)...
Brandon: Yeah, you should get the "Smooth Away!"
Mom: (Laughing hysterically) The WHAT?
Amanda: The "Smooth Away", it's 100% painless...there's a big pad to use on your arms and legs, and a little pad that you could use for your lip.
Brandon: The diamonds are upside down so it won't leave a mark.
Amanda: Then you wouldn't have the pain like when you wax because it's 100% painless...and I believe them when they say that!

First of all, my kids would make great salespeople! Second of all they watch way too much TV!


Amanda said...

Oh, I am laughing so hard right now! That right there is why I love the Disney channel--no commercials! Only Evan doesn't love Disney as much anymore and has started branching out, but he keeps telling me about all these new toys he NEEDS. Your kids are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Kim I just love this blog site. You have an endless talent for writing. I agree those grandkids of Gene's and Mine are awesome. Your right about the TV. I didn't even see that commercial! how cute. Love that Brandon and Mandy thats what she gets getting up close and personal give her a pair of tweezers next time.