Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That which doesn't kill you...

First of all let me say that I have the most amazing support group of family and friends. Thank you all for your understanding, it's nice to know some people have their heads on straight. Secondly, I'm not dead yet, and you know what that means...I am only stronger (by the minute!)!!

I've been through a lot of crap throughout most of the last year, both with my job and in my personal life. There have been times when I really didn't know how I would was those times when the tears fell the hardest.

I have also had the privilege (and the disadvantage) of seeing the true character of people in my life. Some have been more generous than words can explain, some have stepped up and stood beside me regardless of how ugly my situation became, and others just plain took a dive for the crapper. I have made some new forever friends, and I have become disenchanted with people I thought were my friends. It's all OK, I have learned from everyone and everything.

Dare I say, I look forward to what the future has in store. Whether it is more struggle, more fun, less stress, or more trials, I am learning that I am becoming a much better woman, mother, and Kim.



Anonymous said...

Everyday you impress me.

Ex-Sister-In-Law said...

First, let me say that I know this is your blog to vent your feelings. And, I like reading it. And, out of respect for you, I have only read it and have never commented. But, you've mentioned my name, so I'm here to defend myself. Here goes...
1. I was only helping to protect my brother (no, not enable..) as your family has tried to protect you on this blog. That is what families are for (other than the extreme amount of trash talking and bashing on each other). That is why I got him legal representation. Now, it will be for the courts to decide what happens with your children because the two of you cannot agree. I know it will be a good outcome for all of you. The judge will order parenting classes, etc.
You know I've been married for 18 years, and no, it hasn't been perfect, but working my problems out with my husband is what made me a stronger person and my relationship stronger, and that took a lot of counseling. So, it's just hard for a lot of people to understand why others aren't able to do the same. Everyone has problems, addictions, etc., and nobody is perfect. Working in family law, it's just so sad to see so many workable relationships end with such anger, not just at the other person, but angry with themselves because they couldn't make their marriages work, and they couldn't make the other person be who they wanted them to be (and that goes both ways). But, I do also understand that some people just change and grow apart during their marriage(s).
2. Just because I disagree with you, or anyone else for that matter, doesn't mean we cannot just "agree to disagree." It doesn't mean that we cannot still be friends. Unlike most of my family, and yours, for that matter, I HAVE been here and I feel I have been very supportive to you, to Dave, and I've tried helping out as much as I could with the kids. So, if you are angry with me, let's talk about it in person.
3. In my mom's defense, she did the best she could, just like all of us other moms out there, including all of those who have responded to this blog. She is a fantastic mom, just like the rest of you, I'm sure.
4. I LOVE YOU!! Nuff said...