Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bad juju gone *update*

I woke up this morning from a deep sleep...no little boy had joined me during the night.  That makes two nights in a row, a record compared to the last couple of weeks.  As I was leaving my bedroom to wake the kids, Brandon appeared at my doorway in a panic and began to cry a little, saying he had another nightmare. 

I sat him down to talk about it, ready to hear about more snakes.  What I heard was unbelievable...almost unbearable.  Imagine the horror when he said that he had a nightmare about being attacked by a....kitten.  I tried to keep a straight face as he described his ordeal, and when he was finished I picked him up and held him, hugging him tight. 

Out came the paper and colored pencils, and the bad kitten juju was exorcised.  Sweet Jesus what could be next...stuffed animals on a rampage?


Amanda said...

Okay, I couldn't keep from giggling about the kitten. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I find the kitten scare optomistic! at least Brandon has moved on. I am still stuck with the snake thing haven't had as much luck as brandon. Grandma