Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm on to something

I love when creative inspiration hits seems to come out of nowhere, washing over me like a wave. I get excited, I am filled with a burst of energy, my thoughts race a mile a minute.

I've been so frustrated with things, such as my job, as I wrote in an earlier post. I find myself looking at life with tunnel vision, unable to see other avenues of progress. That tunnel vision can last for years, or it can last for days, it just depends on the situation I'm trying to deal with.

Back to the creative inspiration - I have creativity within me and all too often I try to force its hand, only to become frustrated and stop all together. I should know by now that inspiration is not something that can be turned on or off, or planned, or avoided.

So when it does hit I have to do something about it...literally. This is where I tie the two together - frustration with certain parts of my life, and a wave of creative inspiration that's come over me lately. I can't really explain what it entails. I've found that when I share my intentions, I am met with others' expectations, opinions, and judgements, and I end up completely losing focus.

So it's going to be something I work out on my own so that when I'm finished (if I ever finish!) I can share it with all of you and be proud of what I've accomplished. I can't see details of my vision yet, but I do see a larger picture that will, in time, work its way into something magnificant. I hope. :)

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Amanda said...

Hmm ... sounds intriguing! I can't wait!