Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Boo...hoo...

I missed trick-or-treating last year because I had to work.  This year I thought for sure I would be able to join the kids because I'm home earlier now...that was until a couple days ago when Dave reminded me that they will be finished well before the time I get home.  Crap.  It didn't occur to me trick-or-treating is done as early as it is.  Another year gone.

I'm home alone tonight having a little pity party for me, myself, and I.  Not a big one mind you - it's not the end of the world.  Just bummed that on the coolest night of the year I'm home by myself. 

Eh, I'm actally pretty tired from the day anyway.  While it wasn't busy with passenger flow, they had me doing something else and it wore me out.  So there's my positive spin on my poopy mood...I wouldn't have the energy even if I had somewhere to go.

So to all you Halloweeners out there, be safe and pig out like there's no tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

Sorry Kim! I wish you could have joined us on Halloween! I know your kids had a good time no matter what. I can imagine how you feel missing it, though. :)