Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not improving

I thought after a full day of antibiotic eye drops, I would be a little red but still good to go to work.  It took a jackhammer to open my eye this morning, it was so crusted shut.  Yuck.  Then when I finally got it open it was blood red, pulsating with its own heartbeat.  YUCK.  

I kept reminding myself that although it looked worse than disgusting, I was no longer contagious, and off to work I went.  I should have stayed home.  People came up to me to say hi and about three words into the conversation they would stop...and look.....closer...... "My GOD what happened to your eye?"  "Pink eye."  Those two words caused everyone I talked to to reel back quicker than I could say antibiotics, you idiots.  

I cleared a space around me better than if I had let loose on a day-old Taco Bell fart.   Everyone kept their distance but wouldn't stop staring, their own eyes beginning to water.  Then when I took my glasses off they looked away, saying "No no no...I don't wanna look!"  Babies.

I was pulled into the office by my supervisors who, understanding I was on antibiotics and more than likely OK, told me I could go home if I wanted to.  Yes I did want to.  I had had enough of being the morning freak show - I can only imagine the reaction I would have gotten from the travelers. 

So I'm home now, vegging on my couch not touching anyone, not breathing on anyone, not horrifying anyone with my deamon eye.  Yes I will be fine thank you very much.  *pouting*  


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Amanda said...

Too bad the pink eye didn't come a little closer to Halloween. Maybe then people would have thought it was cool. It is definitely a very pink eye. Hope it starts clearing up for you.