Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finding Christmas

Yesterday I joined all the other crazies and went Christmas shopping.  I started up my car (read: Quasimodo) without incident and drove to some of my favorite stores to find gifts for Frick and Frack.  Normally I hate shopping, and I dislike it even more when I have to do it for Christmas.

Yesterday was different...I enjoyed myself.  Maybe it was because I worked so hard the past year that I felt proud of myself for being able to provide for my kids.  Or maybe it was because I was given very little in terms of lists that, in the past, were filled with the latest and greatest toys that only grabbed their interest because they looked cool in the commercials.  Then again, maybe it was because it felt good to know my kids, to know who they are and what they's almost like the gifts were finding me. 

Regardless of why my day of shopping felt good, I am grateful that some holiday cheer worked me over.  Instead of dreading the stress I am welcoming the excitement.


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