Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Someone great

As I said goodbye to the kids this morning, Amanda said,  "See someone great today at work!"  I'm sure she was talking about a celebrity because when I see someone the kids might know of, I make sure to tell them. 

Later on as I was finishing a bag check for a passenger, my supervisor hollered my name from the podium.  I looked up and two people began to walk towards me, two people I would have never expected to see in a million years.  My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Val had a layover in Denver, and made it a point to find me so they could say hi.

Nancy and Val live in Utah, so I don't see them very often...in fact, the last time I saw them was at Holly's wedding luncheon which was held at their beautiful home, almost four years ago.  What a treat it was to see a couple of familiar faces, especially ones I haven't gotten to see a lot of in my life.

When Amanda said to see someone great, it never occurred to me I would see my dad's sister and her husband.  It was great, indeed. 


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Amanda said...

Gotta love that! How very nice.