Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new song

I've finished another song, only this one is not airport related and it's not a silly one. Granted, I'm no pro and I don't think my songs are that great, but I'm proud of myself for finishing something I've started. This will make three times I've actually accomplished something.

I wanted to record it and get it online as soon as I could, but I need to practice it a lot more because the guitar part is a bit more difficult than the other songs. I put my need for immediate perfection at the bottom of the list and instead am allowing myself to take however long I need in order to make it sound good, and not like a hippo fingering a ukulele.

Amanda almost has this one memorized too, saying it's my best yet. I don't know when I'll have it up, but hopefully it will be soon. I'm really enjoying this new found interest and I hope that I'm able to eventually get good enough to write something amazing.


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