Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Open windows

One of the things I like the most about beautiful weather is the open windows. As I type, it's almost 10:00 PM and I have the window next to me open. While running errands today I kept my car windows down. Last night I slept with my bedroom window open a bit as well.

I love to hear the sounds of cars driving through the parking lot, and the dogs being walked beneath my bedroom window. I enjoy the crisp morning air that makes my bed all the more cozy and impossible to escape.

Ahhhh spring is here... or is it? It's not just any March 17th, it's Denver March 17th which means that we probably have three or four more winter storms lurking in the future. CRAAAAAAP! It's OK, I've learned to appreciate the extreme weather changes that Denver has to offer. Amanda's had her fill of the cold and snow though - she is ready for summer, and NOW!!

Yesterday and today were my days off and they were absolutely beautiful! The kids played at the park yesterday (hence the sunny day photos!) and today they threw on their swimsuits and we headed for the pool where they splashed until I was freezing in the cool breeze. Funny how when Mom's done everyone's done (and I didn't even get into the pool...hehehe).

Since tomorrow I head back into work I don't care if two feet of snow gets dumped onto us. I had two days of loveliness and I appreciated them to their fullest!!


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Unknown said...

I LOVE open windows. I love them at home, in the car, wherever. Such a nice feeling of getting fresh air... Hopefully, the snow will melt quickly, and we can get on to the weather we all love so much. :)