Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Those of you who know me on Facebook know that I recently said I'm in a relationship. His name is Josh, and I've mentioned him before. He's the one who fixed my broken window a couple of months ago, God bless him.

Getting into a new relationship, especially after leaving one that failed miserably, is scary beyond words. I was nineteen when I met my ex, still a child and still years and years of growing up to do. How I would love to take that girl aside and teach her a thing or two that I've learned over the past sixteen years.

But still, sixteen years later and I'm giving it another try. Yikes. There is no rush to the altar, in fact we often joke about the absurdity of it. We have plenty of time to learn, grow, and learn some more.

Along the way the baggage of past lives still manages to get in the way and trip us up. It's way around it. So I guess the test is how well we pick up the offending baggage, understand why it's in the way in the first place, and put it where it belongs so it doesn't trip us up again. It's when we constantly fall over the same thing, never getting it the hell outta the way, that keeps us from moving forward.

While I would rather take a potion that promises love and a happily ever after, I'm willing and ready to go through the nuts and bolts of learning about myself, my man, and the dynamic we all have together, children, ex's and all.

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