Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update to the bullying

So I have an update for my post about Brandon being bullied.  I would put a link to it up here but my computer is being a butthead and won't let me do it.  Anyhoo, a few days into our experiment I saw his teacher after school and she immediately approached me about the conflict between Brandon and one other boy who was one of the main offenders.

She mentioned that in addition to having mean things said to him, Brandon was also responding to the boy with mean words.  So the next day she was planning on sitting them both down and hashing it out.  I politely thanked her for the new perspective of the situation and as soon as the kids and I got into the car I had a little Come to Jesus talk with Mr. B.

I put on the ugly face (too bad he was sitting behind me!), and laid it out to him that this would stop, that there would be no more of the bullcrap.  Stop making excuses, stop saying the boy *makes* him say mean things, just END. IT. NOW.   Period end of sentence.

That, my dear friends, was the end of it.  Nary a peep, shove, trip, punch, or kick has been bestowed upon him.  His attitudinal behavior at home has also stopped and he's had great days at school ever since.


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Anonymous said...

aaah! another problem solved in the ongoing saga of school headaches! moving on must feel so good! Grandma