Friday, April 30, 2010

Disneyland Part 1

There is so much that can be written about our trip to California, so I think it best to share it with photos.

I woke the kids up around 3:30 Wednesday morning, promising them an awesome adventure but saying nothing more.  Amanda wouldn't get up until she heard the word "airplane."  Then she shot up like a bat outta Hell.  Here Brandon is doing his best to smile while still half asleep.

SOOOO sleepy... can you tell?  Getting ready to head to the airport for who knows what!!

Riding the escalator at DIA.  Exited much?

Doodling, drawing, and coloring, waiting for our first flight.

Amanda heard the announcer say "Salt Lake," and so disappointingly said, "We're going to Salt Lake??"  I wanted to laugh and cry for her all at the same time. :)

Holding my little boy's hand as we left Denver.

Amanda watched as we took off...

Salt Lake wasn't so bad because Aunt Holly was there waiting!!

Waiting for our connecting flight to Long Beach.

Aunt Holly had to try REALLY hard to not puke on the airplane, and Amanda seems a little unsure about what's going to happen.  Let's just say she had a little present for the trash can when we got off the plane...

There was a flat-screen TV in the hotel room... the kids were fascinated!

So tired, and the day has hardly begun!

Another tired one... what gives??


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun. I am so jealous!!wish I could have seen their faces. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Okay times up. Where is disneyland part 11? Grandma