Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I was watching The Sixth Sense tonight and I decided I needed to write a little somethin' for Father's Day.  I know, it completely correlates... dead guy is wandering around, chattin' it up with a kid... Father's Day.  They match.  In my head.

My favorite memories I have of me and my dad are going on motorcycle rides with him.  It seems so simplistic, but really that time with him was magic.  I can feel it now, a nice warmish-coolish summer evening in Cody, perfect for being out on the bike.  Dad liked his Goldwings and I forever wanted to own one, to tour the country on just that.  A Goldwing.  Just like Dad.

He didn't just take me on a five-minute jaunt around the city, but instead we went out beyond, in the countryside, away from everyone and everything.  Not hard I know, two minutes drive outside Cody's city limits and a person is in the middle of nowhere.  Just how we liked it.  

He LOVED giving bike rides, or at least it seemed like he did.  It was time alone with one of his kids, only I wasn't very little... maybe 16 or so?  Regardless, I was old enough to not have to wear a helmet.  And Dad didn't make me wear one  (***GASP***).  

The picture above is my most recent picture with Dad.  It was taken last summer when he had bypass surgery, as noted by the gargantuan incision zipping up his chest.  I was so grateful I was able to make it up to see him during that time.  I don't like to see Dad in pain, never have, never will.  He is the big burly guy I measure every other man to... big hands, bear hugs, large persona... perfect for protection.  Dad can't be weak, Dad can't falter.  He has to be big and scary and warm and caring and protective.  That's his job. 

But I digress.  Thank you Dad for such fond memories on your motorcycles; thank you for standing up for me and Amy when we cleaned carpets in the schools around the Big Horn Basin and people didn't like that a couple of young girls were doing a man's job; thank you for appreciating me as I am, not as you think I should be; thank you for loving me as an individual, a free-thinker, an intellect; thank you for being my dad. 

I love you Dad.

And as a side note, I would like to thank someone in my life who is truly the best dad I have ever known.  His daughter is the most important individual in his life... she is his life, she is his soul, he will do anything for her.  I have never seen a more dedicated man to his child, selflessly giving of himself without a moment's hesitation.  The sacrifices, the tears, the happiness, the joy... the true embodiment of Dad.  Josh, I commend you, I admire you.  Thank you for being such an amazing dad to your baby girl... 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


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