Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods

We can officially check spelunking off our to-do list, although we cheated a little and walked along paved paths and had a tour guide. The best part of the day was the forty-five minutes of refrigerated relief from the sticky heat of summer.

At one point the tour guide turned out all the lights, allowing us to experience absolute darkness. As he was giving his spiel about the absence of light, I kept feeling the sensation that my immediate surroundings were not entirely black. It wasn't until I looked down that I realized I was wearing a glow-in-the dark T-shirt. Ironically, the image that was glowing was a bat with the caption "Bite me." Perfectly apropos...

After finishing up with the caves we headed over to the Garden of the Gods. We enjoyed a picnic lunch as we watched chipmunks and rock climbers scale the red rock, both equally fascinating creatures in their own right. Surprisingly enough I managed to get pictures that didn't include the other thousand visitors to the park that day. I like the illusion that we were there alone, keeping the beautiful landscape to ourselves... our own little secret piece of heaven.

I was so excited I had my camera on hand for this shot of the sun beginning to set for the evening.


Unknown said...

Kim, looks gorgeous. Your kids are beautiful, and you do an amazing job of capturing them in pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

My gosh how fast they have grown! thanks so much for the pictures, beautiful kids, beautiful landscape! heaven on earth! Grandma