Friday, August 6, 2010

Move it or lose it

If someone could find me a personal masseuse PRONTO, I would be forever grateful.  Last week I helped my ex move out of his house for two reasons:  1) he had no one to help him and I'm a SUCKER  2) my stuff and a ton of the kids' stuff was in his house.  So for three days we moved, and moved, and moved, and moved some more.  I'm sick of moving!!  But wait, I'll be moving out of my beautiful, glorious apartment next month.  I need something more affordable, as sad as it makes me feel to say that.

Because I knew the kids' things needed some major sorting, I brought all their crap to my house so I could take some time and go through it all.  I've sent three huge garbage bags stuffed to their fullest to Goodwill , and I'm working on a fourth.  We've gone through closets, drawers, boxes, and bins, and we have PURGED!! 

While it's all been a very cathartic process, I'm tired and completely worn out.  All of my appendages hurt... my fingers, hands, wrists, arms, legs, feet... you name it and it's sore.  I forgot to mention my ex moved into an apartment on the third floor.  THE THIRD FLOOR!!!!  Jesus Christ Almighty that's a LOT of stairs!!!  Oh and wait... I'll be moving to the third floor too.  In the same complex.  Heaven help us all!!

I've gotten a lot of grief for saying I'm moving into the same apartment complex as him (even though we will be on opposite ends), but in the whole scheme of things it will be so much easier on the kids.  We will be within walking, bike riding, or scooter distance from each other; yet at the same time he and I will be living a distance away from each other.  I think it will be great....  but still, Lord give me strength... 


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