Friday, October 1, 2010

Mother of the year award

My girl stayed home from school today, sick with a sore throat and low fever.  When I called her school to report her absent, the receptionist said in her syrupy-sweetness "Oh, our new baby is sick, poor thing!"

I just told that to my mom and Amanda rolled her eyes, muttering That's embarrassing.  Wait until I refuse to stop giving her slobbery kisses on the front steps of the high school.  Sucker!

Anyhoo, as the day progressed and the Ibuprofen kicked in, I made plans for dinner and we headed out to Wal Mart to grab a few things.  We lolly-gagged around knowing we had a couple hours before we would see the smoke trailing Brandon's bike on his ride home from school. 

It was another beautiful day - no hurry, no rush.  While we were at it I took the long route home, if nothing else but to be out and about in the beauty a little bit longer.  Our long way home turned even longer as every street we came to seemed to have a barricade and a detour arrow pointing us in a different direction.  What the crap?  Oh it was a parade... the homecoming parade!  SWEET!

A small rush came over me as I instantly enjoyed the small-town-ness of Cody, the community gathering to support the community.  I found a parking spot and Amanda and I caught the last five minutes of the parade.  We saw the middle school band, some kids representing Livingston Elementary, the high school cheerleaders, the varsity football team, and last but not least, the homecoming king and queen.  I immediately disliked them even though I knew nothing about either the king or queen... but that's a whole 'nother post.

ANYWAY.  Back in the car, we headed up to the house, meaning to return with plenty of time to spare.  My next train of thought went as follows: Huh, I wonder if they just excused those kids from Livingston early so they could come walk in the parade what did the other students do for the rest of the afternoon what day is it oh it's Friday how fun for the highschoolers to end the parade at the football field to continue in the fun homecoming tradition wait a sec its Friday and kids are out early

"SHIT!" Yes, I swore in front of my daughter.  Kinda loud too.  There's a reason I named this post what I did, but that's only the beginning of my awesomeness as a mom.  I remembered that the kids' school lets out early every Friday, and that poor Brandon had been sitting at home alone for about 45 minutes.  If it were Amanda she would greet me with hands on hips, head cocked to the side, and a pissed off look on her face.  Brandon on the other hand, Brandon is my little softie.  He was probably sitting at home trying as hard as he could to not cry.  Instead I wanted to cry for him.

I gunned it and hurried as fast as I could those last few blocks home, dreading the poor disappointed scared sight that was surely awaiting me.  We pulled up and out came B and he stood in the doorway, head hung low, tears spilling over.  He came over to me and I hugged him so close he squished, and his tears dampened my shirt as I apologized over and over and over.  And over.  Again.  I couldn't apologize enough.

Even though he got over it and all was OK, I reassured him that it wouldn't happen again.  He's fine, no permanent damage, but I sense he's still a little busted up about it.  I know I am.  So if there's anyone out there who would like the award, too bad.  I'm sure something else will happen sooner or later and I'll need it again.

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