Friday, December 3, 2010


I will forever encourage the kids to follow their own hearts, to develop their unique interests separate from mine or their dad's.  As they have grown I've found it amusing when they have become interested in what interests us.  Lately I've been practicing my guitar, singing, and tinkering on my electric piano, and the kids have listened patiently as I have reacquainted myself with music that was at one time the center of my existence.

I remember the day when the powers that be decided that I was ready to learn the flute.  My arms were able to stretch the length of the instrument, so I was finally allowed to join the ranks of my older siblings who had played the flute before me...David, Piper (yes, Piper), Amy, and finally me.  

Finger charts in hand, I taught myself how to play.  This marked the beginning of the most awesome band nerd years in the history of band nerds, and while I stopped playing band instruments when I graduated from high school, my passion for making music never left. 

Tonight as I was playing my guitar, Amanda decided she wanted to practice her recorder, the small plastic "flute" she had started to learn at her old school in Denver.  She tore the house upside down looking for it, and thank the lord god almighty she was successful, or we might very well have ended our evening punching holes into the walls.  Just in case.

She sat herself down in the middle of the floor, spread out her music, and picked up right where she left off a few months ago.  I let her do her thing, only giving her a couple tips like kiddo why don't you sit up... it's a lot easier to breathe if your lungs aren't folded in half or yes, it is frustrating when you can't get that note to sound right but keep at it and all of a sudden it will happen...just be patient with yourself...  But really, I enjoyed nothing more than listening to her squeak, squawk, and repeat over and over again the tune to Hot Cross Buns. 

Every year on Christmas Eve we had a tradition of me, Piper (center), and Amy playing Christmas songs with our flute trio.  I can't wait to see what musical (or otherwise) talents my kids may one day have to share.  Bonus points if they can make a lot of money and buy mama a house.  :)   


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