Monday, March 21, 2011

To the dam

As the weather continues to be kind, all I can think about is getting outside to do whatever.  Yesterday we took a hike (I use that word loosely because we followed a paved road the whole way) down through the canyon to the bottom of the dam, and we had the best time.  We lollygagged our way down the road and just enjoyed each other's company and some amazing scenery (the road is closed to public traffic so there was no worry of safety in terms of getting run over...bonus!).  We walked as far as we could until the road became closed off, which is fairly close to the dam - close enough to see how awesome it really is.

We ate snacks, threw rocks into the river, and laughed until I almost peed, making the afternoon purely sublime.  This little slice of heaven will be a popular hiding spot for us this summer, when the river will be higher, the breeze warmer, and the fishing fishier.  Not bad...not bad at all.  

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