Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm here somewhere

Beneath the piles of boxes, bins, and baskets full of crap, lies a more humble home in which we are now living.  Slowly but surely, piece by piece, I'm getting things put away and we're accumulating living space by the square inch.  As much as we liked the house we were living in, this much smaller space feels so cozy and intimate, and we're loving it even though we have to shimmy through the living room like they do on the show Hoarders.  The kids can be found riding their bikes endlessly around the complex, as the evenings have given us warm beautiful sunny weather.




Linda Medrano said...

Downsizing is a challenge. My husband and I have a 10 room Victorian, a cat, and two dogs. While this place is awesome for family or weekend parties, we are considering a 2 bedroom condo in the next few years. It'll be hard to go small, but I think it'll be a relief when we finally do it! Good luck!

Roxy said...

Excellent. Everything is falling into place :) including the weather.
It will be over soon, you'll be done and it will feel great... and the nI will come and cook for you :D