Sunday, July 31, 2011


Brandon has been criticized for playing video games too much and not getting enough exercise...I won't mention who, *coughgrannycough* but this individual seems to have not taken notice of his six pack abs, his third Harry Potter book since school let out, and his quiet drive for everything education-related. 

Our DVD player went kaput recently and instead of throwing it away I handed it over to the nerd who has subtly dismantled it, tiny electronic piece by tiny electronic piece.  It's too bad that the minute tendencies that make up 99% of who he is are often overlooked, and that he is judged for the "lazy" times when he allows his over-active brain to let loose and relax a little. Don't worry who shall not be named, he is absolutely perfect just as he is, video games and all.  So neener.


Linda Medrano said...

If that's considered to be a nerd, sign me up for a bunch of them. He is adorable and SMART. What more could anyone ask for?

The Accidental Somebody said...

Linda I couldn't agree more! And he is a self-proclaimed nerd, he calls himself that with a huge smile on his face. I wouldn't want him any other way. ;)

Sandra said...

I have two boys who have spent the summer indoors being lazy...errr...playing video games. I'm good with it. They're teenagers. I know where they are. Plus mine don't read Harry Potter or take apart DVD players, so yours is clearly a he's fricken cute!!!!