Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oodles of pics

I have a ton of blog work to do - I've been nominated by two of my fellow awesome bloggers in a 7-link post thing.  Don't worry, you'll see what I'm talking about because I'll be following up with it soon (thank you LC Guy and A Daft Scots Lass for including me!).  And I need to read and catch up on all my favorite blogs!  Until then here are a bunch of pics - I had a ton in my camera so they span a few weeks.


Nat said...

Beautiful autumn light and colours :-)

susandiehl said...

Great photos!

Roxy said...

oh hello pictures. You haven't done any in a while. They are so pretty. xxx

Anonymous said...

Uhm. I'm jealous. Jealous that you live in an area that has GORGEOUS scenery like that.

I live in the desert.

It's hot here.

I'm not happy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for finally posting some pictures! I have been craving them and I love them. Oh and I love you!


Unknown said...

Wow, Kim. Damn I need to leave DC.