Saturday, December 24, 2011

Promo no-go

Yesterday I found out I didn't get the promotion I had applied for (you can read about it here), and I faced the news with a wave of relief.  Don't get me wrong, a deeper sense of self-loathing and a more prominent position along the front lines of Hell would have been great for the bank, but in all honesty I'm happy I wasn't chosen.

When I take inventory of my mental energy reserves, I realize what little I have would be best used on school, getting myself healthy and pain-free, and being Mom and Dad to Frick and Frack - all while attempting to retain what little sanity I think I have. 

Getting my promotion would have required more hours at work, more headaches, more of my head up managements' collective asses, and maybe an ulcer or two.  And as much as I wanted to save the life of our little struggling team, I've realized that doing so would have demanded more from me than I am able to give.

I hope beyond hope the woman they hired is a strong leader and can do us right, and I look forward to meeting her and telling her to run far far away welcoming her aboard.  In the meantime I'll put my nose to the grindstone with school and do my best to bring the end of my TSA career closer to home.


Dave said...

I like your positive attitude! I say you can lead from behind and not have to deal with the hassles of being in charge.

Karie Mcrae said...

I like your attitude as well. I took a very demanding position this year; sometimes the money isn't worth it! I have a lot of stress and worry about things in the middle of night that really are not my problem.

Get healthy, spend time with your kids and breathe.

Roksana Podgorska said...

Well good if you feel that way. It would be pointless taking the job if you didn't want it. I think it would automatically make you shit at it if you know what i mean. xx

Jayne said...

Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Something better will come along and probably from a place you least expect. Keep your heart open for miracles. They really do happen all the time.

Melissa Rivera said...

It'll come soon Kim; you'll be free! I hope my escape from hell gives you hope; truely, the grass is greener! Hang in there girl!!