Friday, February 24, 2012

Over and out

I haven't been writing a lot lately mainly because life sometimes overwhelms me and the best I can do is get myself to bed at night at a decent hour, and that's it.  I've been hemming and hawing about talking about my relationship with Josh because I just don't want to dwell in the energy it's created.

So I'll just say this - I broke up with him a few weeks ago because I couldn't handle the distance, plain and simple.  I'm not sure that I'll bring up any future relationships on my blog, only because it feels like I'm exposing someone to my children and I don't want the burden of letting others down when things go wrong.

It's been an extremely rough week or two and I'm trying to move forward, focusing on my health, my children, and my school.  I appreciate all the support that was given to us when we ventured into the open several months ago, and I will likewise appreciate any pity parties.

Just kidding, I'm done with the pity.

Life goes on...


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Kim. I love you.