Thursday, February 2, 2012

Personal masseuse

Last night when Brandon offered up a free massage to anyone interested, I threw down what I was doing, laid on my belly, and told him to please focus on the upper right quadrant of my back thankyouverymuch.  His little boy hands worked their magic - as well as his forearms, elbows, and forehead - and after he was finished he offered one to his sister as well, and she accepted.


The girl who doesn't even want her little brother to glance her way, let alone TOUCH HER, accepted his offer of a back rub.  Using the same techniques he used on me, Amanda got a little massage and actually thanked him when he finished.  Huge milestones here, kids.

You have no idea.

Then...THEN, Amanda offered to give Brandon a massage.


She did her best, given Brandon is extremely ticklish on his back and doesn't do well with back rubs.  She used this to her advantage of course, and what was supposed to be a nice relaxing massage turned into mountains of giggles and laughter.

Those small moments, when the bickering, pestering, bitching, and whining disappears and is replaced with laughing, silliness, and fun - those are the moments that breathe life into my heart and remind me that life isn't always a bitch.

Usually, but not always.


Linda Medrano said...

My grandson massages me and he's really good at it. Frankly, I'd let Charlie Manson massage me if he was good at it. There is nothing I like more!

I'm glad your kids had fun. It's not all bickering and snit! LOL! They do have their moments when you know why you didn't sell them to gypsies.

From the Mind of a Madman said...

Hey I totally agree. Sounds like a perfect funny moment. Gotta stop and take time to appreciate em..... cause moments later you never know.... someone probably puts gum in someones hair....

Steve said...

Kimmie, you cracked me up with the sphincter story. Talk about a mood breaker! Glad to see you so happy and doing so well. :-)