Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This isn't exactly a Halloween post, it's just that I'm forcing myself to write today, which happens to be Halloween.  How can it be Halloween ALREADY?!  See, it's not my fault I haven't blogged this year - time left months ago and didn't come back until today.  Ugh.

I'm forcing myself to write something, but anymore I'm finding that writing about life is about as easy as chewing on my elbows.  It just ain't happening.  I suppose it should be happening because a shit-ton of shit is swirling throughout the air and I should make note of it.

Like the fact that we've decided to move back to Denver.  How's that for news?  First it was going to be at the end of the school year, but within a few days we decided it needs to be sooner.  Like the end of December sooner.  Cody was good while it lasted, but we are so ready to get back into the real world...back to the city we miss so much.  Now that I don't need to worry about daycare and I'm not working, life will be much simpler in the Mile High City.  Add to that many friends who are excited to have us back, and you have a recipe for success.

In other highly important news, we now have two guinea pigs.  Stanley and Flo.  They are the silliest animals on this planet and I sit and watch them far more than I should admit.  But really, guinea pigs are awesome.  So much fun.  One of these days I'll video them being silly and you'll want to run out and get you a pair too.

Well, that's it.  I have no more words left in my empty brain.  Pretty excited I wrote as much as I did.  Until next time!


Steve Nee said...

Kimmie, I've missed your words, welcome back!


diana lesjak said...

Nice to hear from you! Good luck with the move! Mindless fun with guinea pigs is good for you! Ha!

Dave said...

Stanley and Flo.

Guinea pigs could not have asked for better names.