Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just let go

Last weekend I was halfway up a small mountain on the second day of a car commercial shoot, exhausted and bruised and weary from the work we had done running, crawling, and climbing our way through mud and rocks and wind.  We were waiting for the crew to set up the next shot, and in my worn and frazzled state I looked up to find that the few clouds above us had become the most beautiful shades of pink and orange as the sun began to set.

In that instant everything left my body, every ache and pain, every trace of exhaustion, every bit of irritation that had accumulated within me throughout the course of the weekend.  The sky in its warm evening colors drew me in and held me like a parent gently holding a child as she lay on her back in a deep pool of water.  I felt intoxicated by its beauty and weightless in its simplicity, hearing nothing but silence.

The beautiful sky held me transfixed but for a handful of seconds, long enough to fill me with a deep appreciation for the natural world which exists without worry, or stress, or fatigue.  It just does its thing and moves along in its own time and pace, heedless of the difficulties us humans impose upon ourselves.  Those few seconds are still with me, and as I deal with the bullshit of life, I remember that sometimes life isn't about the hard parts.  Sometimes it's about the handfulls of beautiful seconds that take us by surprise and fill us with such happiness and pleasure that we are transported to a realm within ourselves that only exists when we are simply willing to let go.

So let go with me...let go of the bullshit and let's watch the sky for a minute or two and open ourselves up to something amazing.


esbboston said...

It is nice to know that "moment", that time of day daylight is constantly there circling the globe and we just have to be there, looking, to enjoy it. I enjoy the time of long shadows on the ground in the late afternoons.

Steve said...

This is exactly why I live where I do.

Anonymous said...

Steve you are a smart man. :)