Friday, June 5, 2009

Daycare success!

Monday was the kids' first day of daycare...ever. Knowing that at a certain time every day all the kids lay down for a nap, I encouraged mine to try to get a little sleep. They told me they didn't want to nap, that they would rather read. When I picked them up that afternoon there they were, their little cots next to each other, Amanda's feet dangling well over the edge of hers. They were both cocooned in their blankets, mouths open, deep in sleep.

I was told they had been asleep almost two hours, so I gently nudged each of them and gave them a little time to wake and adjust to their surroundings. Ms. Andrea said they were fantastic, so well-behaved, ate well, and had a great time.

I'm proud of how both Amanda and Brandon adjust to changes in their lives. They have had a lot going on and it makes me happy that they are still able to carry on fairly well. So far they love it and are excited to go each day.

What a relief!

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