Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My little reading freak

As the kids and I got into the car after I picked them up from their dad's house last night, Brandon asked me to turn on the light in the car so he could read on the way home.  A few minutes later I heard him shut the book, saying he was finished reading the whole book of Golden Fairy Tales.  Not ready to believe he had read the whole thing, I asked him to tell me about what he read.  He did just that...in surprising detail.

This book, which is over 200 pages, is a compilation of twelve different fairy tales.  He read it from cover to cover.  In two days.

Hell yeah I'm proud.



Anonymous said...

Kids are amazing! They grow and mature so fast. Hang on to these moments ~ they continuously blow us mom's out of the water with their brilliance!!

Amanda said...

I would be proud, too. That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

My grandson is brilliant! credit is due, his mom has been reading to him since he was born. Wish more parents would get that message. A childs love of reading is taught and Brandon was taught well. Proud Grandma

The Accidental Somebody said...


As much as I would like to take all the credit, Miss Amanda deserves the most. She always read to her little brother. I'm proud of her too!


Anonymous said...

congratulations to Mandy!! Good for her but then where did she get her reading skills and the love of reading from. Mom of course. Please be proud you did such a great job of making reading fun for them and I will reiterate it so important for children to be read to at a young age this instills a desire to read I wish My parents would have taught me this I would have passed it on to my children. Not that I didn't read to them I did but everytime I am in Denver those to grandchildren of mine have a book in hand. I remember being at their Dads and all Brandon did was sit in a chair and read. I love it!!