Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tonight at work I heard about a woman who blogged about how TSA agents in Atlanta had taken her son while she was being screened.  They took him, and her hands are still shaking and she is filled with rage and terror...  Read the incredible story here.  Then when you're done reading the absolute DRIVEL written by this schmuck, look at this.  There is a reason we have cameras everywhere on the checkpoints, and it's not to catch us chewing gum.

I would love to have a few words with this woman, and based on this post, her credibility as a good blogger is ZERO.  She should be blacklisted from the blogging community.  I'm just sayin'... 



Holly & George said...

Stuff like this makes me want to live in a shack in the middle of nowhere. Not to protect my future children from the scary kidnappers that are lurking around every corner, oh no. Rather to protect them from the idiots who pull publicity stunts like this, and who invariably get hundreds of fellow idiots to actually believe the lie and propogate unfounded fear.
Any woman whose child was kidnapped that recently, A: wouldn't have posted a blog about the story of the kidnapping. If she was in any fit state of mind to blog at all, she would have put out a concise alert: my son was kidnapped, this is what he looks like, help me find him. B: it was crafted way too carefully (and as a strange result, also very boringly). Once again, a woman in that position wouldn't be so articulate in a blog, it'd be much more frenzied and more stream-of-conscious.
As if the "baloon boy" incident wasn't enough. yeesh.

Blasé said...

HAA! It never ceases to amaze me of the idiots that invade my oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Good grief that woman definitely has a sense of the dramatic!! I have always said from day one that I don't care what I have to do at the airport. These screenings are important to our national safety. I know sometimes it gets frustrating, the long wait lines the beeping when you think you have done everything right. I flew to Cody in Sept. and I beeped in Chicago come to find out it was the metal in my ear rings. I did not have a panic attack. I took off the earrings and went back through. I know I may be partial to airport screeners but I can see they work very hard at keeping us all straight. You screeners hang in there It takes patience with the John Doe public and you have to have a bundle doing the job you do. My hats off to you all!! Carol

Bob Burns (TSA Blog Team) said...

As you can imagine, this took up my entire weekend. Have you see her latest response?