Monday, December 7, 2009

Laughing at the absurdity of it all

A month ago my car was broken into via the front passenger window, which ended up in a bazillion pieces inside and out. My phone charger and the faceplate to my radio were taken - hardly worth breaking the window!  The plastic covering the hole is clinging for dear life.  Until I get my *new* window (the one Dave picked up for me at the junkyard) installed, the plastic will remain.  At least the rattling of the plastic makes up for the music I'm not listening to anymore.

Yesterday morning my car hit a curb in an attempt to avoid being backed into by a car whose driver wasn't paying attention.  I was in the parking lot of my apartment complex and it was snowing and the pavement was very slick, so I ended up sliding instead of swerving.  The very minor collision with the curb resulted in a missing (and broken in half) hubcap and my front tires out of alignment.  Just what I needed to make my car look officially stupid.
Sometimes it doesn't start like it should and we have to slam a door or two to get the engine to turn over.  The emergency brake is broken, so I can't park at too much of an incline unless I'm against a curb that I can turn the wheels into.  My windshield is full of cracks which are creating more cracks - I have to duck my head down just a teeny bit in order to see past one of the big ones.  The latch to open my gas tank door is located next to my driver's seat.  The little door won't open unless the latch is popped, but for some reason the latch isn't working right and the latch must be up while I open the door.  I have a crayon to prop up the latch so that I can manually open the gas tank door.  
I have a feeling that one day I'll be sitting at a stop light and my car will spontaneously crumble into a million pieces.   The thought of all that has...and could go wrong with my little pile of crap makes me laugh.  There is a scene in the movie The Money Pit that beautifully illustrates what I'm feeling...

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Amanda said...

So funny and so NOT funny all at the same time. I am grateful to have a car to get around in, but really hating cars right now. Best of luck with yours.

Anonymous said...

Boy Kim that car sounds like a bad luck charm to me. Hopefully you can junk it soon as you are able to another set of wheels. The last car we had not even 3 years old yet, 1 month warranty remained on it . We have had bad luck ever since we bought it. Our finances went in the toilet, someone scratched a 2 foot gouge on the right rear side at Church. The driver knew what he or she had done and didn't have t he decency to stay and apologize they just drove off before we got to our car. A few weeks later someone scratched the paint off the left side of our car. The car was out of alignment a two tires went bad along with a flat. Then a computer chip failed and last but not least the battery went dead! just before we traded it in at Gene's suggestion the steering wheel was making a clicking noise when we turned the wheel. The Car was a Chevy Impala 2007. During the time when all this happened John died, Gene's Mom had to be moved from her appartment Dementia had set in to the point she could not live alone anymore Gene had to go back to Michigan to get her moved to Assisted Living. So I am now glad the car is gone!! hang in there!! Love and Prayers Carol