Friday, December 25, 2009

Oddly familiar

I was in my bathroom getting ready for bed last night when I heard snoring.  I thought it was coming from the upstairs apartment but when I listened harder I realized it was coming from my apartment.  And it was loud.  And familiar.  And weird.  My soon-to-be-ex-husband was sacked out on my futon, his snores buzzing loudly and making a noise I had forgotten existed.

You see, Dave and I are not your typical divorcing couple.  Let's just say that as long as we're not talking about money and as long as there isn't booze involved, we get along as if we are one big happy family.  We both want what's best for the kids, and right now having everyone together on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning is best for them, however odd it may be.

So last night after I returned home from work, the four of us went out to dinner and enjoyed the most exquisite Italian food known to mankind (Cinzetti's!!!).  We stuffed ourselves silly and came to my apartment where the kids got themselves ready for bed and settled into a familiar night-time routine, as if nothing was different.  Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch watching TV and they were playing games on the computers.  No biggie.

The kids bedtime routine came and went, after which Dave and I sat and watched clips of Ghost Hunters on You Tube, giggling and getting creeped out by the apparitions, EVPs, and mysterious moving objects.   We laughed and cringed and seemed to both enjoy the time spent not arguing, but just hanging out like old friends.  We then finished wrapping gifts and preparing for Santa, talking about what the kids were getting and how inept we were at figuring out their toys.

When morning came there we all were sitting around the tree, Amanda and Brandon excitedly unwrapping their gifts.  I love seeing them happy and comfortable around me and their dad at the same time.  I have divorced parents and when they get together you have to cut the tension with a hacksaw it's so thick.

When I left for work I said goodbye to them and off they went to spend the weekend with their Dad, as if it was the usual routine to wake up with Dad sleeping on the couch while Mom got ready for work.  It was seamless; the kids were happy; Mom and Dad seemed content.

Kisses.  I love yous.  Goodbyes.  Smiles and hugs, everyone was happy and another Christmas went by without a hitch. 


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Anonymous said...

Good, sometimes its great that "old Habits" die hard. Time spent together as a family no matter how estranged is a good thing when it brings some happiness. The kids will never forget. Love and prayers to you all. Grandma