Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Fit some creative stuff in, he says.

I will try I promise!, I say.

I went to K-Mart and bought hairspray and laundry detergent... does that count? What a gray, gloomy day it is out there. Be creative. Be creative. Be creative. It's hard to be creative when all you feel is two shades of color - gray and darker gray.

It's a difficult, cloudy day inside myself today. I have no explanation, I have no reason, I don't know why the past couple of days have been gloomy. It's just what happens sometimes. I feel like my body is a heavy empty container, and it's all I can do to schlep it around. I'd like to put it away for the day and try it on again tomorrow to see if we have a better fit.

I'm hoping I can get it together and put the pretend happy face on when I get the kids from school in a few minutes. I'm also hoping they can help bring some color into my day.


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Unfortunate Actress said...

Have you checked out Post Secret? It's an online blog where people anonymously create post cards where they write their secret on one side, they mail it to this dude, and this dude posts a few each Sunday as a blog, and tours others nationally as an art exhibit. I think you would be very good at making a postcard or two. You could use as many shades of grey as you like. :)