Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Since last night was our first night together after a loooonnnng time apart, I pulled the futon into a bed and we camped out together for the night and fell asleep watching a movie.  Read:  AWESOMENESS.  Since I have to work in the morning and want to sleep tonight, I told the kids they could sleep on the futon again, to which Amanda replied, "No offense Mom, but it's more comfortable without you in it."  None taken.  I don't like tasting nine-year-old feet in the middle of the night anyway.

It took them FOREVER to situate themselves tonight.  Every "stuffie" (stuffed animal) they own was brought out and meticulously placed on the pillows that were scavenged from all the beds.  A divider was established in case, heaven for bid, someone's aura touched someone else's personal bubble.  Special blankets were allocated accordingly, and the shared comforter was delicately positioned to cover them both equally.  I repeat:  THERE. MUST. BE. EQUALITY.  Without it the earth will fall off its axis, natural disasters will annihilate human kind, and Superman will have to be summoned to fly around the earth backwards in order to restore life to its natural order.

Kissing them goodnight required that I spelunk down to where their bodies were buried, and I feared for my own safety - less about finding my way out and more about whether or not I gave the same number of kisses, hugs, and I love yous to each of them.  Remember what I said about equality...

So here I lay in my barren bed with the one pillow I risked life and limb for in order to have something under my head.  It was dicey alright... I waited for Brandon to fall asleep, and when he did I slipped the pillow out from underneath the stuffed bison, Brownie.  If that bastard Brownie rats on me he and I are gonna have a date with the seam ripper.

Anyway, the point of this whole post is to say that I want my kids to be comfy and sleep well, even if I have to sacrifice my own comforts once in a while to make it happen.  And one day when they are laying on the therapist's couch blaming me for anything and everything, I just hope they remember the little the night when they slept soundly in the most comfortable bed ever while Mom spent the night with one eye open in case a rogue stuffie came looking for his pillow...

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