Friday, October 29, 2010

Settling in

I think we have just about everything moved into the new place, but I'm still trying to find a place for everything.  Not that it's difficult, I just can't decide which awesome nook or cranny to use for my useless crap.  The kids are sleeping in their own beds, all their stuffies and blankets returned to them from their temporary box homes.  I've learned that regardless of the structure we inhabit, it isn't "home" unless it's filled with all the things we call our own.

I'm trying to acclimate myself to the kitchen which, in and of itself, is like running around the moon blindfolded.  I'm not good in the kitchen, I don't understand the kitchen, and I don't particularly enjoy the kitchen; however, since I'm now eating dinner with the kids every night of the week I kinda need to ditch the cold feet.  Thank god it's an awesome kitchen.

The kids are doing well, so happy with all the space they get to call their own for a while.  The stress level of being unsettled since we moved from Denver is finally decreasing, being replaced by new habits and rituals that make life smoother. Even the dogs are having a blast, running around the house and playing like I've never seen them run and play before.

It's all good...

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