Saturday, May 30, 2015

His last year

Brandon turned twelve today, and he's showing some sure signs of diminishing childhood - he is beginning to grow like a weed and he eats like he's preparing for a decades-long food shortage.  We figure this is his last year of being a kid and it actually makes him sad.  And it makes me sad.  And Amanda.  He doesn't want to grow up and we don't want him to either.  He has been the best little kid I could have ever hoped for, and Amanda wouldn't know what to do with him as anything other than her little baby brother.

We celebrated at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and had a fantastic time.  :)

Oh and Amanda got her braces off!

 Kept this picture nice and big so you wouldn't miss out on the epic faces.

The left was taken in 2009, the right taken today.

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Steve said...

Kimmie, While it might be his last year as a chronological kid, I'm hoping he never loses that aspect of his personality. From a 58 year old kid at heart.