Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's the little things that make me happy

Apparently yesterday Don Cheadle graced the airport with his presence - was I there to behold his greatness? Nope. This afternoon Adrian Grenier breezed through - was I there to behold his greatness? Missed again. As I hopped onto the x-ray machine to begin my shift, I wondered if I would ever get to see someone cool like everyone else apparently had.

As luck would have it, I looked to the end of the lane and said to a co-worker, "Hey, that guy looks like Paul Rudd. You know, the guy from Friends, Knocked Up, Night at the Museum, and 40-Year-Old Virgin." Another co-worker heard what I said, and in a very nonchalant way let me know that it was in fact Paul Rudd.

Well zippety do dah my time had come! Paul Rudd is one of my absolute favorite actors to watch and I was thrilled that he was coming through our lane! He was a very quiet but friendly man, and it was obvious that he could hear every one of our whispers and feel every eyeball pointed in his direction. He was with his wife and young son and before we knew it, had snuck out without incident.

Seeing him made my day - it could've been any ol' celebrity, but instead it was cutie pie Paul Rudd. Anyone who makes me laugh like he does deserves a second (or seventh or eighth) glance. So there you have it my friends...I saw a famous guy and got to x-ray his bags. :)

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