Thursday, June 26, 2008

The vultures were circling

Maybe it was my purple face, or the smell of sweat, or the sound of gurgling coming from my collapsed lungs...I'm not sure what drew them in, but I swear I saw vultures. After my twelve-mile bike ride and the subsequent three-mile run I thought I had died and gone to triathlon training Hell. Then I realized I hadn't done the swim and figured I was just in Purgatory - Hell would come soon enough!

While my training has suffered in light of some personal issues that have been taking over my life, I am certainly stronger and in better shape than I was when I first started this self-inflicted agony. Hills aren't nearly as painful as they once were, and first gear is used less and less. I still look like a dork with my purple face and my bicycle helmet, but at least I'm a dork getting in shape. :)

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