Thursday, July 24, 2008

Look what I found in the nest...

Just when I thought they were up to something, I realized my two monsters were nestled in our new papasan chair, aka the *nest*. It's always a treat to see them not only getting along, but reading to each other. I certainly never read to my little brother. I was too busy shoving him into piles of dog poo. As a parent there are times when your kids are utterly angelic - if you're lucky sometimes that happens when they're actually awake. Other times you wish you would have picked up that extra large dog kennel you spied at the garage sale last week.

Tomorrow Amanda is leaving us for a week to go visit family in Wyoming with Aunt Christy, Uncle Todd, and her cousin Jaime. I couldn't think of better people to send her with, which makes my separation anxiety a little easier to deal with. I'm looking forward to my alone time with Bubba, even though I will miss Mandy more than I probably should.

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