Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the mend

Thanks to all the various over-the-counter and prescribed throat-care accoutrement, I am finally on the mend. I took some Nyquil last night and fell asleep on the couch, sleeping like a rock until my alarm rang. I felt pretty good for the most part, but my dang throat was still on fire! So I took some ibuprofen and am feeling well enough to get my house in some sort of order.
I love the sound of the washer and dryer, and I love that it's cold enough that my dryer heats up the house beautifully. It smells of clean and of productivity, neither of which have been present in my home for a few days now.
While I did sleep rather well last night I'm still dozing at the computer. So, with the little time I have left until I retrieve Bubba from school, I'm going to lay down and let the sound of the wash cycle rock me to sleep.

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Amanda said...

Glad you are feeling better. I hate sick season.