Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I want to talk about something tonight, but I really don't know what to talk about. Hmmmmm....let's see...Amanda went to the endodontist yesterday. Boy was that a treat!

We thought she was going to have a root canal, but found out Dr. Frutchey would be drilling out the decay in order to fill the cavity with cement. Huh. Apparently this particular grade of cement is good for growing cells and allowing the tooth to mature so they can work on it later on in her life. We found it mildly ironic that her dad, who just got off work as a foreman for a masonry company, would be sitting in on another cement-filling job. Funny isn't it?

Anyhoo, the poor thing was beside herself with worry about the appointment. We are always very straight forward with the kids when it comes to preparing them for doctor visits that are less than routine, and less then comfortable. She's usually a trooper...usually.

Poor Mandy seemed to do ok until it was time for the needle. I know, can you believe it? She was afraid of the gargantuan needle that was headed for her throat! Actually, Dr. F did a great job with his slight-of-hand trick when he positioned the needle. He was one smooth character...she never saw it coming until it was actually in her mouth. Then the tears began. This was a little surprising to me because, usually when Amanda is under even tremendous amounts of stress, she can keep it together. Not this time. She lost it.

I called Dave into the room to be with her. I think she likes him more than me anyway. They have an impenetrable father/daughter bond that I won't even try to compete with. I was told that when after she was all drugged up, we would have to leave the room. I was bummed when Dave was allowed to stay with her and I had to watch from the front desk. At least I could see her face from where I was standing.

After her dad convinced her to allow Dr. F to insert the needle of death into her mouth, I came in to help distract her. Brandon was busy watching Spongebob on the huge TV in the waiting area, so I just left him out there. He's a good kid. Stays out of trouble.

Anyway, I was at Mandy's legs, Dave at one hand, the dental assistant at another hand, and Dr. F on the ready with the needle. I still wonder if we were on camera...oh my god what a sight we must have been! We were rubbing her hands and legs, trying to convince her to open her mouth wiiiide...and we were all opening our mouths to demonstrate how wide to open! The funniest part about that I think is, she told me later that her eyes were closed the entire time he was administering the Novocaine. So we must have looked like a bunch of idiots saying "AAAAhhhhhh!!!" with our mouths hanging wide open and she didn't have a clue. Too funny!

So Dave got to hang with her during the entire ordeal while I sat out with Brandon who was completely content watching TV. Yes...he watches too much TV. I am polishing my Mother-of-the-Year award as I type. That's ok, 'cause he tested at 3.4 reading level, meaning he's reading at a third-grade, fourth-month reading level, and he's a kindergartner!. He has earned his right to TV addiction!

She came out of the trauma without a hitch, even admitting it really wasn't that bad. She was convinced her cheek was the size of a hot air balloon because of the numbness, and had quite a funny reaction when she saw herself in the mirror.

B goes in for a check-up on Monday and I hope to God his teeth are better than Amanda's! I don't think we can afford another gargantuan dentist bill!

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Amanda said...

Ugh! What a nightmare! Good luck with B! Evan just had a dentist visit yesterday, too. Luckily, all is good (so far ... knock on wood). I hate teeth stuff.