Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm obsessed with how I look...not in a good way either. Ever since I hit puberty I've had serious issues with my body image, obsessing about everything that squishes, rubs together, or rolls. Even when I was 135 pounds I wasn't happy, and at 5'10" I was quite thin...almost a little too thin.

I will forever try, fail, and try again when it comes to finding a successful workout regime. I want to be athletic and muscular, yet I find it extremely difficult to maintain the self-discipline it takes to have that kind of physique. The sane part of my brain knows that when I work out regularly, I naturally drink more water, eat healthier foods, and feel better from head to toe. So why is it so difficult to stick to it if it's so good for me?

I don't have an answer to that question, probably never will. But, for now I seem to have found a schedule that will work. I have goals for this summer which include the Tri for the Cure triathlon, the Wild West Relay race (both in August), and a marathon (in September). By starting early and being able to keep up with the schedule I have made for myself, I should be in amazing shape by the time I'm ready for these races.

So here is my secret formula that I've found that I think will keep me on track...drum roll please...
1. Set specific goals (as mentioned above)
2. Mix it up
3. Plan workouts in advance so there is no guesswork

I printed a calendar out for the whole month of February, what workouts I will do every day with goals to be met with regards to time or distance. I work out three days, rest one day...three days on, one day off throughout the whole month. I do strength training from head to toe every four days (might change that to five or six, we'll see). The remainder of the days I either run, swim, bike, or ride the elliptical machine. When I get home I find great satisfaction from grabbing the bright orange marker and making a large X through the day, signifying a job well done! I also write down what my actual time/distance was so that I have a frame of reference for future work outs.

It helps me to have a cheering squad, to keep me motivated and keep me accountable. I am so critical of myself that every once in a while I need to know I'm doing ok. So even if I never get any feedback from anyone, please send me good energy vibes! Every once in a while I'll check in with my progress and who knows, depending on how well I do, I might eventually post some before/after pictures. Yikes!!


Amanda said...

I'll be on your cheering squad! I think that's awesome! I admire people who can set goals like that and follow through with them. I was able to squeeze in 12 minutes on the Wii Fit today--how's that for a workout??? :) (Actually, sadly, pretty good for me!) Goooooooo, Kim!

Kevin B said...

i think you look great! love the new hair. i'll join the cheering squad too.

are you feeling better yet? how goes these days?

-Kevin B.