Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did you really mean it?

This morning after the kids came to me bright and early at 6:00 am, we all snuggled in bed hoping to get a little more sleep before starting our day together. As always, I was in the middle directing traffic, making sure each kid had his or her proper half of me, no finger straying past the half-way point. We played the "Silent Game" which meant a LOT of stifled giggles because apparently I'm pretty good at mimery.

At one point I mimed to Amanda that I loved her, then I turned to Brandon to let him know I loved him...all silently of course! Then I had the audacity to silently ask them to share the love with each other. Amanda reacted with her rendition of "Pretending to Puke while Thinking of Loving my Brother" while Brandon silently protested showing his love for his sister. Eventually I succeeded in having both of them tell the other they at least *like* was painful, but they both pulled through.

A little later in the day as I was in the bathroom getting ready, I heard this conversation: Amanda quietly said, "Brandon, earlier when you said that you liked me did you really mean it?" "Yes, I meant it,' he said. "Did you mean it when you said you liked me?" He muttered. "Yes, I meant it..." Amanda admitted.

I came into where they were and emphatically stated (and pointed a finger or two), I KNEW IT...I KNEW YOU TWO LIKED EACH OTHER!!" I felt like the mad scientist who stumbled upon a theory that he always knew existed but could never prove. MY CHILDREN LIKE EACH OTHER!!!


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