Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who are you?

I'm curious - who reads my blog? I know I have had a few faithful readers from the beginning (thank you Holly, Carol, Christy, and Amanda!), but are there more? If you feel so inclined could you leave me a little note telling me who you are when you read this?

Thank you!

Kim :)


Unknown said...

I am a a newcomer, but I love to read. I have been doing some catch-up, and your blog is wonderful and insightful! :)

Karen said...

Hey Kim, I always wonder who all those strange IP addresses are reading my blog too, so here I am, delurking & saying hi. I started reading your blog after running into you on FB, and I really love all your photography! Karen

Bobi Jensen said...

I'm Bobi from Wyo from Facebook. I love your blog btw.

Anomic Entropy said...

Hi Kim. I'm Sara. I "knew" you in highschool and have enjoyed reconnecting with you on Facebook. You inspire me every time I turn on my computer... so here I am. Thanks.