Thursday, March 5, 2009

So sweet

There is a man who lives in my apartment complex who makes my heart melt whenever I see him. He isn't the best looking man, in fact there's really nothing particularly striking about him other than his tattoos and ponytail I s'pose. What I do notice without fail is, he always has his little girl with him. By now she's probably around 18 months old, and he is clearly devoted to her.

During the summer he was always at the pool with her, swimming and playing, lost in the love that can only be had between a dad and his girl. During the winter I have seen them bundled up, him pushing her in a stroller, or carrying her in his arms. Regardless of what the weather is like, what time of day, or what is happening in this world, there is a man who takes being a dad seriously...and I am proud for him.

I don't know his situation...have never seen a mother figure, have never seen him talk to another woman. I don't know if he works or stays home full time. All I know is I admire him and hope to see him around more often.


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